My Spiritual Space Clearing begins with you and extends to your home and family. We want our energy patterns to be clear, balanced, and beneficial, but most have some imbalances, often caused by energy problems in our homes. Joey delivers a system to connect his home directly to the energies in your home. No matter where you live, he can explore the subtle energies of your home remotely and make appropriate changes to improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Spiritual Space Clearing Updates

Things that Go Bump in the Night: The Most Common Causes of Energy Problems in Homes, and their Effects

Don’t let the title keep you from reading this important article!

This is the most I’ve ever written about the two primary causes of intense energy problems, including paranormal activity, that I find in homes: Interference Energy and Earthbound Spirits. It’s all about  energy!  I explain how I clear the energies and stop the paranormal activity, and/or any other problems it may be causing.… Read more here...

Joey Korn’s Space Clearing Workshop Now on DVD


For the first time ever, we now have an all-day workshop with Joey Korn available on a four-DVD set.  Spiritual Space Clearing from the Inside-Out was recorded live at ORI’s Dowsing and Alternative Healing Conference in Fayetteville, Arkansas in April 2016.  It’s the focus of all of my work.  This is jam-packed with info and experiential exercises.… Read more here...

New Videos about Joey Korn’s Work


Image from Postscript Part 1In this two-part video, John L. Petersen of the Arlington Institute interviews me about my work with Spiritual Dowsing & the Blessing Process. I begin with the basics of dowsing, how I think it works, and evolve into my work with others through my Remote Spiritual Housecleaning services. I even explain how some energies can cause paranormal experiences. Click Here to watch the new videos.… Read more here...

Video Interview – Spiritual Dowsing and the Blessing Process with Joey Korn Part 2

Joey Korn Spiritual Dowser Interview


Walter Russell Books
“Your philosophy of energy, dowsing and healing resonated with me far more than the ideas of almost anyone else I’ve listened to.
Your approach is a happy blend of quantum physics and sound spiritual teachings born of experience.”

Spiritual Space Clearing with Joey Korn